GTM: Drag and drop in regex/lookup tables

Julius Fed 4 weeks ago in Tag Manager • updated by Stéphane Hamel 4 weeks ago 1

This would be especially useful in regex tables when I want to insert a new rule somewhere in the middle of list. If drag and drop is too much of a hassle, some other solution of rearrangement would help, like buttons "move up" and "move down"

Stéphane Hamel 4 weeks ago

I agree, since the tests are done in order, it makes a lot of sense to be able to rearrange them!


GTM Injector

Stéphane Hamel 2 months ago in Tag Manager 0

Allow to inject a GTM container on pages matching a specific rule.

This feature should block any existing container and replace it with yours.

This might be useful when the GTM container isn't yet deployed but you want to develop and do tests, or for complex environments where you can't work with the already present container.