Ad support for Adwords/Google Ads UI

NilsRooijmans 5 years ago updated by Supermetrics Support Team 5 years ago 7
Under review

Can you elaborate a little more on what you would like to see?


i love all the features of Da Vinci Tools, especially the color highlighting of columns , use them in Google Analytics a lot.

I would like to have a plugin to do the same in the Google Ads interface.


Wonderful idea! Easy for me to do!
I was thinking of features I could do for AdWords in order to expand Da Vinci potential audience - this is perfect.
Eventually I will have a campaign management solution integrated directly within AdWords & GA.

sounds great, please keep me updated and i can help you promote in the PPC community


New update is great but I`m seeing too many Da Vinci Tool logos, everytime I load something a new one will appear.


Oups! Quick fix and silent update on the way.