GA: API v4 Export

Supermetrics Support Team 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 5

Currently, Da Vinci ads the possibility to create an API v3 call based on the currently selected report configuration. This should be updated to API v4 and further improved.

It is already possible to do that? How? I was about to ask for a GA URL to API Call Converter to be used in the Sheets add-on :)

Under review

When the Export menu is shown, click on it, and you will see an option to get the API request - I'm trying to gather as much as possible from the page, but I will revamp this feature and grab the underlying request (which isn't a straight GA API call, but does return a JSON structure which I should be able to use). I will likely make it possible to get a V3 or V4 request.


This feature is significantly improved in release 2018.10.20 - instead of scraping the API parameters from the page, I'm now hooked-up more deeply into the GA interface, which allows me to build a more robust query.