Release Notes


  • Fixed: Popup design fixed
  • Improved: Options won't open on update


  • ImprovedRedesigned popup


  • Improved: Google Analytics tracking is enabled by default to improve user experience


  • Improved: Updated Privacy policy
  • Improved: Code improvements/Software maintenance tasks


  • Hello World: First update by Supermetrics :)
  • Fixed: Cancel Transaction error fixed


  • Improved: GTM - Updated tags & trigger icons to include Gallery icons
  • Retired: GTM Preview check for 3rd party cookie permission needs to be revisited
  • Improved: Email permission is only asked if the user opt-in to share usage data to help improve the extension
  • Fixed: GA Heatmap bar adjusted based on metric total when multiple segments or comparing dates

2020.2.10 - Code named "Supermetrics"

  • New: Rebranding with Supermetrics!
  • New: All features are now available for free!
  • New: GA date picker now includes Mondays
  • Fixed: GA Reverse/Refund bug fixes
  • Improved: GA Reverse/Refund warning if Hide Me is also enabled at the same time (in such a condition, the request would be blocked)
  • Improved: GTM Preview warning if 3rd party cookies are disabled - many people reported GTM Preview was not working and were wasting time trying to find out why.
  • Improved: GTM Preview, the "Exit from Preview" button will not overwrite the container version anymore
  • Retired: everything related to Rich Annotations has been removed for now, until a decision is made wether this feature is worth the investment


  • New: GA Reset Segments also handles the ability to "pin as default segment for this view" so a specific segment will be shown instead of "All Users"
  • New: Added a button under Options to reset all parameters to their default & clear Da Vinci cache
  • New: GTM Code Block now created for new Custom HTML Tags
  • Fixed: Refund Transaction/Item - fixed bug when page path didn't match regex
  • Fixed: GA Hide Me regex tightened so property -10 won't be blocked if hidden property is -1
  • Fixed: Validation of license now more rigorous and fixed case where license wasn't being picked up
  • Improved: Dark Theme button & handling improved
  • Improved: GA Reset Segments button position now recalculated and hidden if All Users is the only segment shown
  • Improved: Tooltip under Da Vinci icon won't show automatically after an update - replaced by a single toolbar notification
  • Improved: Users could opt-in to send usage data through GA - all of it is now removed


  • Fixed: License validation issue
  • Fixed: GTM Remember Me conflict with the new Templates links


  • Improved: By popular demand, granular options are back...
  • Improved & Fixed: GA & Ads Heat Map code was refactored and optimized so it works with all locales
  • Fixed: GA Export was missing some filtering rules, licensing now enforced
  • New! GA Clear All Segments - quickly get back to "All Users"
  • Fixed: DataStudio auto-refresh shouldn't be active when in editing mode
  • New: Subscription is now handled through, much more friendly and better flow


  • Improved: Simplified the Options dialogue and layout
  • New: Completed the OAuth Consent Screen verification process imposed by Google when using a sensible API - in this case, the GA Reporting API in readonly mode when using the Cancel Transaction/Item feature)
  • Fixed: GA Heat Map breaking table headers
  • Fixed: GTM Remember Me redirecting to last URL when trying to switch account


  • Improved: Updated GTM tags icons
  • New: Added an easy way to copy the Preview shared link
  • Fixed: GTM Remember Me was redirecting to previous account when trying to switch account
  • Fixed: GTM removed script setup copy to clipboard since it's now handled by GTM itself
  • Fixed: GTM RegEx validation issue was triggered on non-regex fields
  • Fixed: Annotations country detection for parsing numbers wasn't always working
  • Fixed: Ads spinner was broken due to CSS conflict
  • Fixed: DS AutoRefresh was missing after UI change


  • Fixed: GTM injection issue when there's already a container on the page
  • Fixed: GTM Regex validation wasn't triggered correctly
  • Fixed: Options dialog not always displayed when installing


  • Improved: The Options dialogue is now localized in English and French
  • Fixed: In GA when clicking to add a segment it sometimes triggered the Rich Annotations flow
  • Fixed: GA Export API call was sometimes missing some filters
  • Fixed: Reverse/Refund handling of date range improved
  • Fixed: Reverse/Refund improved request to handle case where the Transaction amount is calculated from the underlying item values
  • Fixed: GTM Inject not triggering gtm.js when there was no pre-existing container


  • New! Go directly to the corresponding GA Config Variable from a Tag in GTM
  • Improved: In GTM, validation of a regular expression field is now on the fly
  • Fixed GTM Table Lookup pasting faster and triggering onchange event
  • Fixed GTM Revert transaction or item not working
  • Fixed GTM Code Beautifier which was missing from release package
  • Fixed GA Date picker not working for non-english locales
  • Improved GTM Rich Annotations refreshed after adding a new one


  • Bug fix: Fixed initial install issue which sometimes prevented the whole extension from working
  • New! GTM search results can be filtered to display only Tags/Triggers/Variables
  • New! You can now create a new Tag/Trigger/Variable directly from the GTM Overview pane
  • New! GTM Trigger rules using Regex, or RegEx Table Lookup now includes validation of the entered regex
  • Bug fix: GTM Preview now allow you to copy from the Data Layer tab
  • Improved! Updated 3rd party vendor libraries to latest version
  • Improved! Changed the way the extension is packaged to reduce its size
  • Bug fix: minor aesthetic improvements throughout


  • New! Rich Annotations for GTM
  • Improved! (and Free!) You can now use the Rich Annotations Holidays & Google Algorithm Updates without associating a Trello Board, and other bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • Improved! GTM Play/Pause now uses the API instead of simulating user input
  • New! DataStudio will automatically show sampling
  • Bug fix: GTM Injector rule often injected in wrong pages
  • Privacy: revisited the privacy policy with regards to the use of Trello, Calendarific and Context APIs depending on Rich Annotations setup, and the email address used for validating subscription
  • Also revised and added Knowledge Base articles


  • New! Rich Annotations module for Google Analytics (other integrations coming up). More info here.
  • Removed Context integration
  • Bug fix: GTM Pause shouldn't be available for legacy containers
  • Bug fixes & performance: Significant code refactoring, bug fixes throughout
  • Licensing: Switched to monthly subscription, better protection
  • Performance: Improved packaging of the extension (optimized with the Google Closure Compiler)


  • New! GTM: Copy/Paste from/to RegEx and Table Lookup variables. Quick demo here.
  • GTM Preview: slight improvement to UX to highlight tags that have a "still running" status
  • Core: Fixed issue with license purchase
  • Core: Paid features (Export API & Transaction Revert/Refund) now require a license
  • Core: Switched all chrome.storate.sync to


  • This version brings stability, many bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Code refactoring of some elements at the core of the extension


  • Bug fix: AdWords - Da Vinci branding showing multiple times
  • Bug fix: make sure the update message is shown only once after a new version update
  • Bug fix: GTM Play/Pause slightly longer delay to catch UI changes


  • New! AdWords - Table heat maps are now available in AdWords!
  • New! GTM - Tags, Triggers and Variables are now accompanied with their corresponding icons
  • New! GTM Pause/Unpause directly from tags list
  • Improved: GTM - Slight improvement to Code Beautifier button handling 
  • Bug fix: Payment feature fixed.


  • New! GTM - Inject your own GTM Container on any page you want!
  • Core: Code refactoring and optimization throughout brings more stability, updated 3rd party libraries to latest versions
  • GA Context: bug fixes and several improvements
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements in most features!


  • New! Holidays and Google Algorithm Updates annotations data from Context by See intro video.
  • Improved: Core - relaxed the permissions by removing the need for profile & email access (in fact, this was never intended)
  • Improved: Core - fixed/improved licensing check
  • Bug: GA - Export API where filter for metric was incorrectly stated as NUMERIC_GREATER_THAN instead of just GREATER_THAN
  • Bug: GA - Export API - fixed sort order
  • Bug: GA - Export to Google Sheet - segment was missing, and also found out the segment IDs don't match between the GA interface and the GA API (doh!)
  • Bug: GA - Transaction/Item Revert/Refund - tightened validations to try to isolate the issue some people are facing
  • Bug: GA - Hide Me rule fixed to include


  • Bug: GA - fixed heatmap not showing and sticky header position
  • Bug: DS - changed the icon for autorefresh to an hourglass to avoid confusion with the new "send by email" feature


  • New: GA & GTM - clicking on the container ID or UA will copy its value to the clipboard
  • New: DS - ability to use FontAwesome. Whenever something like ${far fa-grin-tongue-wink} is found, it will be replaced with its corresponding FontAwesome icon. More details here.
  • New: GA table header is now sticky if Sticky Header is active
  • Improved: GA Revert/Refund significantly improved. Refer to this article for additional info.
  • Improved: all modals are now using the library sweetalert2
  • Improved: GA Export improved to reduce the number of cases where the generated request was incomplete
  • Improved: GTM Exit Preview significantly improved/simplified code logic
  • Bug: GTM Preview wasn't always showing the Exit Preview button
  • Bug: Remember Me was broken
  • Bug: GA Sticky Header on/off flag wasn't handled correctly
  • Bug: GA - clicking on left-side menu wasn't always getting rid of the drilldown
  • Bug: GA Hide Me was broken


  • Bug: Fixed in-app purchase flow which was breaking. Note the license is tied to the user authenticated in Chrome, which might be different from the user you use to access GA/GTM/DS. This way, with a single license you can freely switch GA account. 


  • New: In-app payment & license check. For now, Export to Supermetrics and Transaction & Item Refund/Revert are available to all but will eventually be restricted to paid subscribers
  • New: Revert/Refund transaction items
  • New: GA - Export current report request to Google Sheet using GA Addon and Supermetrics
  • New: GA - Remove any drilldown when clicking left-side menu
  • Improved: GA - Export request to Google Reporting API request v4
  • Improved: GA - Date selector now includes 90 days options & better handling
  • Improved: GA - Optimized High/Low points handling which was dragging performance when lots of points were present
  • Bug: GA - Fixed issue with Transaction Refund ga:date error
  • Bug: GA - Sorting of Floodlight variables wasn't working
  • Bug: GA - Heatmap and table compare didn't work in benchmark
  • New: GTM - Keep header & left side menu fixed, also made center area use the full width of the browser
  • Bug: GTM - Dark theme was not applied when using expanded editor
  • Bug: GTM Preview - Fixed Exit Preview button not being shown


  • Improved: clearly stated simplified privacy policy & full version
  • New: Refund/Revert transactions
  • Fixed: GTM - when viewing changes there shouldn't be a code beautifier button
  • Improved: Updated Google Suite icons when clicking on Da Vinci logo in the toolbar
  • Fixed: GA - sort custom dimensions & fields button wasn't always showing up
  • Improved: authentication now let you switch account & improved workflow
  • Fixed: GTM - Remember Me was conflicting with GTM Preview shared link


  • Bug fix: Important performance issue related to the validation of enabled options
  • Bug fix: Analytics.HeatMap persistence was breaking background colour in some cases
  • Bug fix: Analytics.ConfidenceTest wasn't available for custom reports


  • Bug fix: Analytics.HeatMap wasn't handling currency values
  • Improved: Analytics.HideMe & TagManager.HideMe handling
  • New: Analytics.HostPrefix fixes pop-up links in reports when you use a filter to prefix Page with Hostname
  • Improved: Analytics.HeatMap now persists your selections!
  • Toggling options are now applied when reloading a page (instead of browser restart)


  • Bug fix: GTM Code beautifier was broken
  • New: GTM shortcuts (ctrl+shift+1st letter of button)
  • New: GTM dark theme editor
  • Improved: slightly modified options layout


  • Overall code refactoring bring stability & tighter integration
  • GA Remember Me was sometimes breaking history
  • GTM table sorting was breaking regex lookup tables
  • GA Hide Me wasn't always working
  • GTM Preview didn't always remember the open/close state
  • GTM Preview tag type icon was showed multiple times in some cases
  • Da Vinci was interfering with the Add New User function
  • GA  Sticky Headers: improved
  • GA Heap Map wasn't handling decimals or negative values, affecting colour grading scheme
  • GA Export API code refactoring - much more powerful
  • GA & GTM name in title wasn't always set
  • DS auto-refresh now includes a countdown


  • Da Vinci was interfering with Add User
  • New feature: GTM Preview Exit
  • Notice shouldn't show on new installation


  • GA Sticky Header wrongly applied on some pages, fixed height of sticky part
  • GA A/B Test picker reloading page instead of allowing user to pick values
  • Branding font color too dark for 460 users


  • GA feature - Date Picker: add several options to the date selection drop down;
  • GA core: simplified trigger rules;
  • GA features: fixed many cases where feature was disappearing;
  • GA feature - Head Map: added head map to Behavior/Experiments report
  • GA core: fixed Notice showing twice, and auto-hide after 20 seconds
  • GA feature - Sticky Header: was not sticking! :)

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