What is the privacy policy?

Let's cut to the chase.

What is being tracked?

  • Preferences are automatically synced across your devices using the Google Account signed-in under Chrome.
  • Authentication is using Firebase and will store your account email, creation date and last access date automatically.
  • The Chrome Web Store automatically tracks daily installs/uninstalls, impressions and weekly active users, along with the country, language, and operating system of the version installed.

Why is the extension asking to access data on all sites?

  • In order for the GA & GTM "Hide Me" feature to work, Da Vinci needs to be able to detect the presence of specific GA requests or GTM containers being used by the pages you visit. To do this, it needs to watch & listen for all network requests and block them when appropriate;

Why do you need access to my Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager accounts?

  • Some features simply can not work without visibility of your GA data or your GTM configuration;
    • The level of access requested to accomplish a task will be clearly stated: read only or admin privileges;
    • Google doesn't offer granularity access to specific GA views or GTM containers - it's an "all or nothing" access;
  • When such a feature is requested, you will always be prompted for permissions;

What will be done with this data?

  • Your GA or GTM data WILL NOT be stored anywhere and access is always used to accomplish the task at hand, and nothing else;
  • Firebase is used to enforce the licensing mechanism and subscription revenue model;
  • Communicate with you through email regarding your license and payment will be handled by Google Pay;
    • You can not opt-out from those emails.
  • We might occasionally send you emails to announce important announcements;
    • You will be given the option to opt-out from those emails.
  • We WILL NOT send you unsolicited emails or promotions;
  • Your contact information WILL NOT be shared with any 3rd party, under any circumstance;
  • The aggregated data WILL NOT be shared or used for other purposes.

Where is this data stored?

  • Firebase data is stored in Google's infrastructure. No other data is collected or stored anywhere.
  • Payment data is handled by Google Pay.

Can I opt out of tracking or request to be deleted?

  • To deactivate syncing, follow the instructions on this Google support page.
  • You cannot opt out of Google Chrome Web Store tracking - this is done automatically by Google whenever you use any extension and is an essential part of the software;
  • You can opt out of Firebase tracking - just don't sign in. However, keep in mind this will make any feature which requires access to your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager account unavailable.
  • Right to be forgotten & data review: If you stop using the extension and wish your user entry to be deleted from Firebase, you will have to send an email to support@davinci.tools as this manual process can only be done on a per-request basis.

Last update: 2018-12-16

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