What is the privacy policy?

Let's cut to the chase.

What is being tracked?

  • Google Analytics is used to track the extension usage - since you are Google Analytics users, you'll understand this includes the same general information you would get when adding GA to a website;
  • User id tracking: currently, this is used to sync your preferences across computers and is optional. In the future, this will be required to unlock the subscription version of Da Vinci Tools and enable more advanced features. When signed in:
    • Google Analytics is used to track your Google user id;
    • Firebase is used to track your Google user id, email and name.

What will be done with this data?

  • General usage analysis;
  • Exceptionally, email communication of important releases which might affect how you use Da Vinci Tools;
  • Enforce the licensing mechanism and subscription revenue model (future);
  • Your contact information WILL NOT be shared with any 3rd party, under any circumstance.
  • The aggregated data WILL NOT be shared or used for other purposes.

Where is this data stored?

  • The data is stored in Google Analytics and Firebase, using Google's infrastructure. No other data is collected or stored anywhere.

Can I opt out of tracking or request to be deleted?

  • You cannot opt out of tracking - if you use the extension, you agree general usage data will be collected, as stated in the Options/About dialog presented when you installed the extension;
  • You can opt out of user tracking - just don't sign in. However, keep in mind this will disable some features.
  • Right to be forgotten & data review: If you stop using the extension and wish your user entry to be deleted from Firebase, or if you want a record of the GA data collected, you will have to send an email as this can only be done on a per-request basis. Note: Data from Google Analytics cannot be deleted as of this date.

Last update: 2018-04-11

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