Google Analytics Features

All Google Analytics features can be individually turned on/off in the Options dialog of the extension.

Complete list of Google Analytics features:

  • CancelTransaction: Show Refund/Revert of transactions and items in ecommerce reports. More information about this feature can be found in "Reversing & Refunding Google Analytics Transactions with Da Vinci Tools"
  • ClearSegments: Clear active segments and get back to All Users.
  • ConfidenceTest: Add A/B-Test Calculator item in the report toolbar. This Confidence-Test Calculator is offered in collaboration with
  • Context: Show holidays and Google updates annotations when a line report is visible (similar to built-in annotation). This feature is provided in collaboration with Context from
  • DatePicker: Add several options under the date selection dropdown.
  • ExportAPI: Add menu entries under the Export menu. This feature will take the current report configuration and create a Reporting API v4, GSheet Addon or Supermetrics request.
  • HeatMap: Add icons in table report headers so you can toggle a heat map (per column), either green gradient, red gradient, or bars. Selections are persisting across reports and sessions.
  • HideMe: Add a toggle button at the top of the page so you can easily turn off tracking for the specified properties (for you only).
  • HighLow: Highlight High/Low points in overview graphs.
  • HostPrefix: Handle Page prefixed with Hostname. If you use a filter to add hostname to pathname, clicking on the button to open the link will actually lead to the right page. This feature also opens the page in a new tab, instead of a pop-up window without controls.
  • NameInTitle: Show view name in tab title - handy when you have multiple GA tabs open
  • RememberMe: Remember last report you were on so when switching view or coming back, you are brought back to the same report with the same configuration options.
  • ResetDrilldownMenu: if you have drilled down in a report, clicking on the left-side menu of the current report has no effect. Instinctively, we would expect to go back to the top-level report. This feature removes the drilldown.
  • StickyHeader: Keep the report and table header at top so when you scroll you can keep visibility over the context of the data being shown.
  • SimpleTableCompare: Simplified table comparison when using multiple date ranges - you can click a button to collapse rows so you can easily spot the true differences between those dates. Also works with Heat Map!

Last update: 2020-03-26

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