Q) Who is behind Da Vinci Tools?

A) Da Vinci Tools is being acquired by the wonderful folks at Supermetrics!

The creator of Da Vinci Tools is Stéphane Hamel

Stéphane Hamel is a seasoned independent consultant, entrepreneur and distinguished thought leader in the field of digital marketing & analytics. He advises his global clients, agencies, start-ups, and vendors in the digital analytics industry on data maturity matters and how to grow a data-informed culture.

Recognized as a Google Product Strategy Expert (2016) and considered one the Most Influential Industry Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association (2012), he has made significant contributions to the industry: authoring the Radical Analytics Manifesto (2016), creating the Digital Analytics Maturity Model (2009), and the Web Analytics Solution Profiler (2006) quality assurance tool, as well as other tools and concepts throughout his thirty years of experience.

Stéphane previously held a leadership position with the award-winning Cardinal Path agency and board positions with the Digital Analytics Association. He holds an MBA specialized in eBusiness from ULaval (2009) where he teaches the fundamentals of digital analytics to Marketing Masters and MBA students, taught hundreds of students enrolled in UBC's Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics and is Faculty Chair, Digital Marketing & Analytics, for SimpliLearn / Market Motive since 2016. To this date, Stéphane has shared his passion in over a hundred speaking, webinars and workshops events held North America and Europe.

Q) Is there an overview of the tool?

A) Yes! I created a short video:

Youtube video

Q) How is Da Vinci Tools monetized?

A) All features of Da Vinci Tools are free, thanks to Supermetrics.

Q) Do you collect my data? Do you share my data?

A) Your GA data is not collected - at all. No data is shared with anyone. You can opt-in to share usage data of the Da Vinci Tools extension itself to help us improve it. More info here.

Last update: 2020-02-28

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