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That last upgrade did it.  It's working! Thanks for fixing it!

Your understanding of my situation is correct.  According to the Chrome extensions page none of my extensions are set to allow incognito mode.  The icon is NOT "XED" out. I will send you my webpage through Email.  If I go to chrome://inspect/#extensions and "inspect" the DaVinci extension I get:   (Note the error message at the bottom).  How do I get to the information you've posted?  There is no "background page" button on any of my extensions including DaVinci, just "Details" and "Remove" buttons.  There isn't a background button/option under the "Details" window either.

background.js:60 Console was cleared
background.js:60 Da Vinci Tools by Stephane Hamel
background.js:60 Copyright Immeria Consulting Services Inc. 2017-2019. All rights reserved.
background.js:64 Analytics.HideMe: Listening for requests matching undefined
background.js:66 TagManager.HideMe: Listening for requests matching undefined
background.js:72 Checking first install or updates
background.js:74 Retrieving preferences: Object
background.js:61 Analytics.HideMe: Listening for rules changes.
background.js:61 TagManager.HideMe: Listening for rules changes.
background.js:61 Analytics.HostPrefix: Listening for popup requests.
background.js:68 Analytics.RememberMe: Listening for requests.
background.js:69 TagManager.RememberMe: Listening for requests.
background.js:71 Analytics.RememberMe: Listening for new starting URLs.
background.js:71 TagManager.RememberMe: Listening for new starting URLs.
background.js:74 All done.
background.htm:1 Error in event handler: TypeError: Cannot read property 'state' of undefined
at Object.success (chrome-extension://pekljbkpgnpphbkgjbfgiiclemodfpen/js/background.js:73:477)
at chrome-extension://pekljbkpgnpphbkgjbfgiiclemodfpen/vendor/buy.js:1:397

I received your update recently (3/30/19) however there seems to be no difference in performance.  GA is still tracking my presence whether I'm on my website as a visitor or if I go to my website through the WP admin dashboard.  Once detected, I need to be away from my website for 6-8 minutes before GA will stop recording my presence.  The issue is if I am doing any website page editing (changes, additions, removals, etc.) I cannot view what the edited page looks like without triggering GA tracking. I thought I was to remain in stealth mode even while I'm on my website. What am I doing wrong??

Just to make sure I've set things the right way, Google Analytics tracking toggle must be set to "blocked."  That is all that's required, there is no code that must be added to any of the WordPress "Theme Editor" files. Correct???

I have an update to report.  Earlier I said that I had to reboot my laptop to erase myself from being tracked on GA.  I found that if I wait at least 7 minutes I am usually removed from "Real-Time" tracking.  On occasion it took up to 10 minutes (so far) before I'm removed from real-time tracking.  I hope this correction helps to identify the actual problem.

Regarding the possible problems, I am not signed in as more than one user nor do I have two windows.  I only have one google account andon occasion I am using more than one tab that is because I right-click an choose "open in a new tab."  This is all under the same account. Therefore (2.) cannot be the problem either. I'm thinking #1.