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And a second have btw

(retracted image by admin)

So do I, so I'll gladly help you where I can. Is this what you were after?

(retracted image by admin)

I'm testing another account too. Event fires fine, will check later if the transaction is actually reverted. Do you want me to try different browser or pc?

Hi Yonatan, Yes EE is enabled. Here is a screencap of the debug console, is this what you are after? I don't know what you are looking for. If I walk through the steps, I do not see anything change in the console.

Yes hit is sent to GA, because under events, I can see the davinci event to revert. the Order how ever is not going anywhere. pretty persistent :|

Can I see the version of the extension somewhere?

HI Stephane, no luck thus far. Interestingly, I do have the events registered:

Sorry for this mystery. Might it be a admin rights issue? I have all but user admin.

Sure, here you go, I don't see an error, it just doesn't delete the transaction. It always asks account selection. I don't debug, if it helps I can :) 

Same problem here, look forward to the fix. Tried it just now, but no luck yet.