Your comments

The upcoming release should help reduce the number of times where this happen. If not, I will have to dig again into it.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean - could you provide an example scenario of how this would work?

When this happen, a workaround is to go in the Options dialogue and log out and back in. I will try to solve this.

In the end, the problem was caused by the handling of local currencies. Da Vinci is/was using revenue and will now switch to localRevenue (and all local amounts) and handle cases where the property setup is using one currency and the transaction is send using another.

If you got this message, I can assure you everything worked fine from a Da Vinci perspective. You need to give it some time to process. Also, make sure there's no view filter which could prevent this tag from getting through (check in your raw data view if you have one (you should!). When looking at the data, you also need to consider the data of the refund will be today, not when the initial transaction was made.