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Oh! Yes, that's for sure - if there's an ad blocker in the way, even your "normal" GTM container might be blocked (although most ad blockers will let GTM load but block the tags fired through it).

Ok - I just double checked:

  • I picked any GTM container, clicked on the Inject button, and typed
  • I opened a new browser tab and navigated to
  • The browser console says "Da Vinci Tools: Injected GTM container GTM-ABC123 - other containers are blocked."

Please do the following:

  • check if there are any errors in your browser console where a container should be injected
  • type chrome:extensions in a new browser tab, enable "Developer mode" (switch at top right of page)
  • for Da Vinci Tools, click on the "htm/background.htm" link - this will open a debugging/trace window similar to a browser debug console where you can see if there are any errors.

Let me know if you see anything special. You should see a message saying "TagManager.Inject.GTM-ABC123 set to" when you set it, and something like "TagManager.Inject: Blocking GTM container on page matching regex"

If needs be, I will do a quick screen recording session to show on it works.

Can you share what your regex looks like: is it something like "" or a more complex regex?

The new version - 2020.2.10 is out - no more subscription required and several bug fixes related to Reverse/Refund.

Reopen this ticket if you still run into issues.

This is a new feature - many people were reporting having problems with GTM Preview not working and the solution was to enable 3rd party cookies.

Give it a try - go in Chrome preferences, under Site Settings / Cookies and site data, and activate "Block third-party cookies".

Then try to launch GTM Preview and you will notice it simply doesn't work.

It will automatically show if GTM is supposed to be in preview mode, but it can't activate it.

Let me know if you still think you are getting this error and you shouldn't.

This sometimes happen after a timeout - it should be much better in the upcoming release currently awaiting Google Web Store approval.

No need to throw the deal breaker argument here :)

It's probably an issue when you compare two segments (or two date ranges), I will look into it.

A new version should be released within a couple of days which (hopefully) will fix this issue (and others related to revert/refund)

Done! I have made the input field for the name of the Var, Trigger, Tag, Template slightly wider, as well as any labels fields (such as those for event category, action, label)