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This should be doable - I will look into it, but I think when entering Preview mode it sets a couple of cookies. Deleting those should work.

This is fixed in v2018.7.17, which should be deployed automatically shortly.

This issue has been reported by a few other users - stay tuned for a quick update!

Thanks for reporting this important issue - I will look into it as soon as I get back from my short vacation, next week.

I really like the idea - I will have to see if it's possible.

Some people are lazy :)

But seriously, you mean when you open a new tag, then a new trigger - which creates a cascade of overlays. It can probably be done.

Thanks for reaching out!

Besides the auto-refresh I have implemented, I guess there's little else that can be done. The real-time API is simply not available as a data source. In order to do something like this, someone would have to 1) develop a community connector for the real-time API and b) find a way to refresh the dashboard in real-time. This is simply not possible at this time.

The next best alternative is to use the Da Vinci feature to auto-refresh every 5 minutes.