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This feature is significantly improved in release 2018.10.20 - instead of scraping the API parameters from the page, I'm now hooked-up more deeply into the GA interface, which allows me to build a more robust query.

This is fixed in release 2018.10.20

I double checked the behavior of the current sign-in procedure and it is working as expected. It isn't tied to your GA or GTM account and only serve to sync preferences and statuses in case you use Chrome on multiple browsers. When I will begin to introduce features which requires GA or GTM authentication this will change.

Thanks for pointing this out - it is fixed in the upcoming release.

For now, the authentication has no real impact besides syncing preferences across computers. Da Vinci doesn't access any of your data at all, so for now it doesn't really have an impact. But I will address this in an upcoming release.

This should be fairly easy to do - I think I will remember the sorting preference for each section (i.e. Tags, Triggers, Variables). When you switch to a different container it will remember your preference.

I've been unable to reproduce this - or I'm not sure what you mean exactly. If someone else ran into this problem please let me know. In the meantime I will close this issue.