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The rule to add the sort button was too complex and resulted in the button not showing up in most cases... This is fixed in the next release.

It looks like the sort button doesn't always show - I will have to review this.

Found the problem! It was just a wrong check when handling the "Remember Me" feature. It will be fixed with the next release.

I'm able to reproduce the problem - it's because Da Vinci is trying to connect automatically in order to sync preferences. I'm currently working on new features which will require GA and GTM access, so I will review this issue at the same time.

In order to know the real starting date of the data I would have to actually make the same query just to know the oldest data date, which would be time consuming for very little benefits.

You will be glad to know the next release of Da Vinci will handle sign-in/sign-out correctly. I'm starting to introduce features that will require GA and GTM access so I had to review it and I found the problem which prevented proper account selection when already authenticated once (a known issue on the Google side, but I have managed to find a way to do it)