Your comments

Great idea! It's done and will be available in the next release coming up shortly!

Later this week - there's something else I want to include in this upcoming release.

Done - I have reverted the changes I made in the latest version so people will be able to individually choose the features they want. This fix will be available in the nest release.

Fixed for next release. The HeatMap feature parses the numbers shown in the report. Some locales, like Polski, use a space as the thousand separator and this was causing some parsing issue. Eventually, I might get the metric values directly from the underlying JavaScript data structure.

For some odd reasons difficult to pin-point, sometimes features like Export aren't loaded. A refresh of the page solves this problem.

Hmm... I see! I also notice the interface is in Polish, so maybe I still have some kind of localization issue. Can you check in the browser console if there are any messages?

I thought about that and you bring good points - what are those features you you like the most and those you find too invasive/annoying/buggy?